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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Play or DARE....awesome game for your orchestra class

I LOVE this game!  I just played this with my orchestra class today and they LOVED it!  We have learned our concert music really well, and I was looking for a way to liven up the rehearsal since we have already run through our pieces so many times and there isn't much left to work on...we just need our concert to come!

This is a great review game to play with your orchestra class (or any other class - you would just have to think of new 'dares' appropriate to your class setting). This game helps students to focus even better on their playing and work as a team.

The game is simple. Divide students into teams. I divide my orchestra class by section. (1 violin, 2 violin, viola, cello/bass) Each teams picks a captain who is the spokesperson. Right from the beginning, I tell students that it is possible to end up with negative points. Any team that is loud and distracting while another team is performing willl lose a point. Each team captian decides whether the team will 'Play' or 'Dare'. If the student chooses 'Play', have the group perform a small section from your concert music. I always choose a section that I know needs extra care with intonation, rhythm, or listening. If the group plays the sections perfectly and the intonation and rhythm matches, they get one point. If the group choose dare, you click on the screen to open the challenge. The 'Dares' can be a little whacky, but musicianship is still required in order to earn the point. All team member must complete the Dare, unless otherwise specified.  Students are learning about teamwork, proper position, etc. You can always customize the 'Dares' to fit your own ideas.

The game can be projected in front of the room with my PowerPoint that I created.  You can purchase the file HERE.  When you open the program, you can used my Dares, or it is customizable so you can edit the document to create your own.

Here are some screen-shots that show what the game looks like:


  1. Angela I tried this with my 6th graders today.....what else does one do when the concert is over and one week of school before winter break?? I chose to use a simple sightreading piece (4 measures)....they LOVED it! Thanks for all of your good I am LDS too :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! It can be hard to fill the time before Christmas Break. I have been crazy busy getting students ready for the next big thing: recruiting, auditions for state festivals, we have been rehearsing and not doing many games. I think I'll do a Friday Fun Day this week just to keep students excited about practicing over the break. Any type of popular music gets them really excited to practice. I just passed out pirates of the caribbean music as part of our recruiting concert and they are practicing like crazy!