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Sunday, October 4, 2015

SLO 2015: This is what I'm doing for my Student Learning Objectives this year

Utah has now implemented mandatory SLO's for every teacher, and I have been working on my Student Learning Goals and pre-assessments.  I have to choose 2 learning goals to complete with my students this year.  For my first one, I am going to do the same goal that I did last year - the rhythm SLO for a beginning class.  It worked well for me last year and it was pretty easy to execute.  I wrote a post about it HERE and posted the final assessment HERE.

For my 2nd SLO, I will be teaching shifting.  As my students get more advanced, I really want them to be comfortable in other positions so that we can explore more difficult repertoire.   I have already started teaching my 2nd year students how to shift, and so far it is going great - they are doing so well!  I used to be afraid to teach shifting in a classroom setting because of scary intonation, but I have found some ways to teach shifting to make it very non-threatening and easy...but this post is about my SLO  - so maybe more on that later.  

I just created a pre-assessment for a shifting SLO.  You can purchase and download the 9 page file HERE - but here are some sample pages if you just want to get some ideas:

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