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Monday, May 9, 2016

Reporting SLO (Student Learning Objective) Data

My district provides sample forms for reporting SLO outcomes, but I guess I am a more visual learner because I like to color-code my information so that I can easily see student progress and quickly identify students who may still need help.  This year, I created SLO's for shifting and rhythm, but I was only required to do one for my assignment.  At the start of the year, I gave my beginning orchestra classes a pre-assessment to determine their level of ability on rhythm and counting.  Based on the results, I color code my class lists where I record scores.  Using a highlighter, I color the names of the high level, mid-level and low level learners.  As I record other grades and assignments, I can track each student to make sure they are progressing to higher levels of learning.

When turning in my SLO data, I like to visually see student progress throughout the year.  Here are my SLO reports from this year.  I blurred the student names for privacy reasons...but you can see the different colors and how I presented the data.  (My pre-assessment and post-assessment tests have been posted previously on this site.  Just do a search for SLO.)

The colored names on the left show student learning levels after the pre-assessment.  The names on the right show the current level of the student after the final assessment.

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