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Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Fun Find for String Teachers - BOW CRITTERS

GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!??  I was browsing the other day and found these cute little 'Wine Watchers Wine Charms'...

They reminded me of little bow markers that some Suzuki teachers put on student bows to get them to play in a certain section of the bow.  Little bow markers are great for teaching bow distribution and they make bow games more fun when students can watch a little critter on their bow.  I ordered them and they came in the mail today.  They are so cute!

I put them on my bow and they work perfectly.  They are super easy to put on the bow and they stay put.

 As I pulled my bow, the little critter stopped my stroke so I had to stay in the parameters I set.  Also, they were fun to watch as I bowed, so I think students would love to have them on their bows.  These little critters are perfect for helping students keep their eyes on their bows for straight bowing.  Also they will help students become aware of how the bow is traveling.  Amazon also sells a sloth version of these and I just ordered them.  I just wish they were less expensive so I could buy a bunch for all of my beginners!  Guess we'll have to share.  


  1. Awesome! My in-laws have those and I never thought about that! Will steal some from them for sure!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the post. Keep up the good work...
    Sangeetha Swarangal