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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tuner Station - make tuning easier in your string orchestra classroom!

I made this tuner station for my classroom using a double sided easel/blackboard from Wal-Mart.  Ten tuners are clipped to each side.  To keep track of them and make sure they last a long time, cello and bass students were assigned a specific tuner.  (I numbered each tuner with a silver Sharpie).  I requested that my violin/viola students buy their own tuner to keep in their cases.  After tuning, students clip the tuner onto the underside of the rim on their music stands. At the end of class, all tuners must be returned to the 'tuning station'.  If there is a tuner missing, no one gets to leave until it is found.  Students have been really responsible and I feel like we are all tuning more carefully.  Plus, it shaves a few minutes off our tuning routine.


  1. What brand of clip on tuners do you prefer? I'm looking for quality and durability, as I have tried snark but they are falling apart!

    1. I am using D'Addario clip tuners. So far most of them are still working - not sure if they are better than snarks.