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Sunday, November 11, 2018

High School grading for Orchestra - practice record


I'm teaching high school this year.  My junior high program is huge with over 300 students...but many were dropping in between junior high and high school.  I decided to have another teacher take on part of my junior high program to free me up to teach at the high school to help strengthen the program and retain students.  So far it's been really fun and I enjoy the change.  I worried about having to switch between 2 schools, but it's been totally fine. 

The majority of my students grades at the high school level are based on playing tests which they send me through SeeSaw (  Last term I had a couple students who did not send me ANY playing tests until the day before the concert...and that drove me a little crazy because it defeats the whole purpose of the test!  Students need to master the measures I assign at the time I assign them - because their playing affects the entire group - the rehearsals and the performance.  It doesn't feel good to be dragging students along.  This term I decided to make new policy and stop accepting late playing tests.  The problem is I know some students will still miss one could potentially fail my class.  I decided there has to be some sort of a make up assignment.

Here's how I've structured it.  Playing tests are turned in on time.  Any playing test can be re-submitted for a higher score - as long as it was initially turned in on time.  A make up assignment can be completed if a playing test was missed, although it can only make up a fraction of the points that could have been earned by doing the playing test. 

This is my make-up assignment - a 5 page practice journal.   I'm hoping students realize that the playing test is easier...but I guess if they want to fill all this out and practice every day for fewer points...that works for me, too.  Enjoy.  :)

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