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Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekly Motivation Strategy - Video of the Week

Those who have been to my conference presentations know that I show a lot of short videos in my class to motivate and inspire my students to work hard and be stay focused.  Students really connect to my videos and they look forward to watching them each week.   I have a special gift where I can tie any video to my class.  Sometimes students try to stump me, but there's always a way to apply things into orchestra!  In fact, at the end of the year, we play 'Video of the Week - Apples to Apples.'  Students are divided into teams and are given a dry erase board and marker.   I show the class a video and students have to write how the video can apply to orchestra.  One person per team (designated as team captain for that round) collects the responses and chooses one response as the winner - and that person gets a point.  The team captain position rotates to the next person...and the game continues the same way.  Just like Apples to Apples.  I'm amazing that students acquire my same gift - they can tie everything into orchestra, too!

I was just looking at my YouTube suggestions and found this video:

I think this will be one of my 'Videos of the Week.'  It got me thinking - is practicing a form of generosity?  Is a positive attitude in class and a good work ethic a from of generosity?  In an ensemble we depend on one another to learn and progress for the benefit of the entire group.  I would argue that when one student practices, it is an act of generosity for the group.  One strong player generates and promotes good playing for those around him/her.  Like a ripple effect, the group becomes stronger.  Practicing at home is a great and generous gift to offer other students in the ensemble.  A positive attitude and attention in rehearsals is the same.  It is a generous act to be respectful during rehearsals.


  1. This is so awesome! What other motivational youtube videos do you use?

    1. I'll post about some more today! I have hundreds I've used over the years...