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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Fun ONLINE learning activity - Learning to use a LOOPER

This is a fun activity - all online - and no instruments needed!  You just use the keyboard or click on the screen to change sounds.

Students can create their own looped tracks at this website:

Then they can save their creation and send you the link.  Here's one I did while I was messing around with the website:

I think this is a GREAT activity for students because they immediately learn how important it is to keep a steady beat and maintain accurate rhythm.  It look me a few tries...and I'm not perfect at looping, but it was fun!

To teach my students how to use the website, I made a Loom video with me experimenting and teaching them what to do.  Very fast and easy!   Here's a sample of how you can do it with loom: 
(this was my mess-up video - not perfect. Sorry).


  1. Hi! Could you please share the loom video you made that doesn't have the error message? I want to try this with my students.

    1. Here you go:

  2. Thanks, Angela. This is pretty cool. I'll keep experimenting with it.