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Friday, September 19, 2014

Another focus game for orchestra class

(Artwork: Pencil portrait of a young cellist:

This is a really simple game, but my students all love it...even the older kids like to play.  When I want to make sure that I have my class's attention, we play "Harman Says" (I use Harman because that's my last name - it's the same game as Simon Says).  I am always amazed at how easy it is to get my entire class out.  They really have to focus and work to get better at this game.  I play this now and then during class warm-ups.  Some commands are: (beginning with or without "Harman says")

Pluck your D 4 times
Echo what I play
Rest position
Show me your bow hold
Sit up straight
Now louder this time...ready play
Raise your hand if you're still in (I get the entire class out on this's hilarious)

This game works best if you give commands very quickly and you get a lot of kids out by saying things like...'great, now do it again!' without saying 'harman says.'

My students start focusing much better after this game.

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