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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Warm-up/Listening/Focus Activity Idea

I just found this drum video on YouTube and I was thinking about trying something like it in my orchestra class to teach students how to listen, focus, and respond to rhythm.  I think it would work great as an opening activity to get students ready to focus and work hard during rehearsal.

This is how I would change it to  work in my class room...We obviously don't all have drums, but we are all holding instruments.  Instead of saying, "Let's all play our drum"...I would switch the commands for students to pluck open strings.

Let's all pluck our D - and students would have to immediately pluck their D's all together with correct timing.  You could even call out different open strings to make sure students know their open strings.

Other commands:
Let's all pluck our D
All pluck your D
Pluck your D
Pluck D

Let's all pluck our D because it's so much FUN.

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