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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Going digital - the benefits of teaching with digital content

I would bet that many of you, (like me), have files and binders full of worksheets, assignments, teaching aids, staff paper.....etc. taking up valuable classroom space.  The longer I teach, the less I find myself using my paper filled files.  It is so much more convenient to have all of my curriculum on my computer organized into very specific folders.  I can find anything I need so quickly and easily...and I never lose an original.  Plus, I can always make as many copies as I need each year.

As an orchestra teacher, sometimes I am mailed complimentary copies of string method books, theory books, or rhythm books to see if I want to purchase sets for my classes.  I am now to the point where I only want material that is digital.  If only my entire music library was digital...that would save so much time and expense when individual parts go missing!

I believe that digital curriculum needs to be the future of our classrooms.  Students benefit greatly when they have access to worksheets and teaching aids on the computer so they can print any missing work they need or practice remedial skills.  I upload all of my worksheets and assignments to google docs so that students can access them at home. 

When you have digital files, you can embed them into iPad ExplainEverything.  I use ExplainEverything to demonstrate to my class how to complete various assignments, how to read music notation, how to read and understand key signatures...the possibilities are endless.  I do this by saving my .pdf as an image file (right from adobe acrobat - "save as" feature).  Next, I save the images into a folder in DropBox.  When I make a new ExplainEverything presentation, I access dropbox and choose the image I would like to embed in the presentation.  

Check out some of my digital content (downloads) at my  STORE.  There are even some free items to download there...check it out!  You will love adding to your digital curriculum.

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