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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Note Name/Note Reading Review Game

I want to make sure my students are feeling confident with their note-reading, so tomorrow we are going to play this game.  Each student will receive a note name bingo game sheet.  Each student must fill in the bingo sheet by drawing each of the 8 notes of the D major scale - one note per box.  In order to fill all of the boxes, students will use each note 2 times.

Next, I will use my whiteboard spinners that I got from

I will draw this on my whiteboard and place a spinner in the middle:

I will spin the spinner and students will place a marshmallow or other game piece on the note that the spinner points to.  (They may only mark note at a time.)  The first student to get 4 in a row horizontally or vertically may call BINGO and they must play the notes they marked in order to get their prize.

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