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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Liven up your orchestra class with Balloon Bow Games!

I always keep a few bags of dollar store balloons in a drawer in my classroom so that we can do these fun bow games.  These are great to keep class interesting when students fall into a rut.  You can use balloons in many ways.  I give each student a balloon and have them blow it up themselves and tie it (I usually have to blow up one or two for students who can't tie balloons on their own.)  I then put on some bow game music and the students try to keep their balloon in the air using a perfect bow hold.  They must hit the balloon with the tips of their bows and they must sit down if their balloon touches the ground.    After this game, I collect all of the balloons and save them for the next day.

On the following day during bow games, I begin throwing out balloons all over the orchestra.  The students stay in their seats and try to keep all of the balloons up in the air - hitting them around to each other.

The final game I play with balloons is Sabotage.  I have 2 students come to the front...each must keep a balloon in the air with their bows, but they are allowed to try to hit the other player's balloon to the ground.  The first one to have their balloon hit the ground has lost.  This game is pretty hilarious to watch...and it makes a great Minute-to-win-it game, as well.


  1. Sounds like a great deal of fun, but alittle dangerous. It might only take hitting the bows together once to break the tip where it is the slimmest.