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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Orchestra Poster - Orchestra is HOT

This is my latest poster that I created for my class for a bulliton board and for bumper stickers that I will distribute when I go recruiting.  This will be my theme for the next school year and I will try to motivate students to 'ignite' their talent by practicing and reaching their potential.

copyright Angela Harman


  1. Hi Angela! I've been really enjoying the resources you have created and shared on your blog. I'm wondering, how do you create posters like this one? What do you use? I make posters for my classroom pretty frequently, but just create them in microsoft word... They never turn out looking as great as this!

    1. Hello! I use Microsoft Publisher and Abobe Photoshop for posters and things I create for my class. Word is ok, but it doesn't let you customize things quite as much and I get frustrated with that program. :)