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Monday, January 19, 2015

Tangled tapes - problem of the past

So, I have posted before about the car pinstripe tape that I use for fingerboard tapes.  The only problem with the pinstripe tape is that it is impossible to keep it in a nice orderly roll and my tapes end up tangled and twisted all together in what I call my 'tape basket.'  Check out what I found at the kitchen store outlet...

I love these little magnetized mini-bins that I just filled and stuck on my filing cabinet in my office!  They were only $1.50 each and they have a little hole in the lid so I can thread my tapes through the side of the lid and easily just grab what I need.  I just re-rolled up my tapes and put them in my new bins.  I also used them to store my little mini-teaching aids that I use in class for bow games and position.  It feels good to finally have my office a bit more organized.


  1. Your blog is genius Angela- I'm so glad I found it!!! The same things happen to me. I love this. The car detail place thinks I'm nuts when I buy so much tape too!!

  2. Do you remember what these mini bins were called? I need these for my classroom! :)

    1. They have them at They are called magnetic storage tins and they even have some colored ones. :)