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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Technology Awesomeness - AirPlay!

I use my laptop, iPad, and projector almost every day in my classes.  I haven't needed a gym membership because I get plenty of exercise running to push 'play' or 'stop' on my iPad as needed.  Though I probably needed the exercise, why didn't anyone ever tell me about!  AirServer is going to change the way I teach.  It is super duper awesome.  I just installed it today and can't wait to use it in the classroom.  It's inexpensive, it's easy, and it works great!  What does it do, you ask?

The AirServer program runs on your computer and allows other devices to connect through the same WiFi so that your computer can mirror the screen of your portable device.  Now I won't be tied down by wires when working with my phone or iPad in class!  I can keep my device with me as I walk around the room, mirror my device's screen to my computer that is connected to the projector, and wowie wow - so much easier!  Plus, you can have multiple screens mirrored to the computer at one time.  That is so awesome! This will be very handy when we are playing classroom games using the iPads.  The teams can pass the iPads around and the whole class will stay engaged because they will all be able to see what is happening on the screens.  Also, my iPhone would not connect to my projector before, but with AirServer, I can connect my phone via my computer with no problems.

Maybe everyone else already knows about this, but I just thought I'd tell you anyway because I'm pretty excited. :)

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