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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The True Beginning: Before the Method Book reviews

I have a slight addiction to getting packages in the mail so yesterday was a happy day because I  received my spiral bound copy of "The True Beginning: Before the Method Book"!  It's nice to have the digital files for curriculum because its easier to keep track of everything and you never have to worry about losing an original.  Even so, I love having a printed and bound copy of this book!  It's easier to read and with a printed copy, I can write in the margins and add more ideas.

My other products in my store have all been digital file downloads, but I decided to give teachers the option of purchasing this book as a hard copy.  You can either purchase the digital file and hard copy together as a set for $40 at my store:, or if you only want the printed book, you may purchase it for $25 at

I have received feedback from some teachers who have already purchased this book.  Here are the comments I have received so far:

Dear Angie:

Have read a great deal of your book already.  It is right on.

Good luck with your book.  Every beginning student, and their parents,
need to read it and do the work pages.

Thanks for sending it to me.  I know that you put a tremendous amount of
time and work into this project.

Thanks again,

Got it.  Thank you so much!!  I can't imagine how much work this was for you.  This fall will be my 12th year of teaching, but only my 2nd teaching beginning/middle school orchestra....this is going to be such a valuable resource!!  Thanks again, and keep up your amazing work!

Thank you! These are so great.

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