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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Beginning String Orchestra New Years Practice Routine

I already shared the New Years practice assignment that I created for my high school orchestra.  I thought I would also share the assignment that my beginning orchestra is doing this week.  Once again, I customized the assignment to review and drill the skills we are working on in class.

  • Low 2's - F natural and C natural
  • Mixed finger pattern (F#, C natural)
  • Intonation - tuning with open strings
  • 4th fingers for violin/viola
  • G scale
  • Learning to read G string notes
  • Preparing for a playing test: Minuet   (Line 108 in the String Explorer book)
The part of the worksheet that has smiley/frowny faces is for practicing the D scale with different finger patterns.  A happy face means to play F# (or C#) because it sounds happy.  A sad face means to play F natural (or C natural) - which sounds sad.

I love how this is going and I think I will create this kind of practice assignment more often. My class has learned Minuet so much faster than in previous years and they have not seemed to struggle as much with the bowings.  I expect some marvelous scores for my playing test on Friday.  :)


  1. Are you grading students on these sheets at the end of each week or are you treating these as more of a drill sheet for their personal use? I think this is a fantastic idea. I'd love to incorporate something similar into my own classes!

    1. They had to turn in the paper for a grade. The playing test (which is worth more points) that comes at the end of the week is the real proof to show they practiced.

  2. Hey Angela, I really love the worksheets that you have made. They look amazing! How do you make your worksheets? I would love to make my own, and I have tried but they never turn out this you use a special program?