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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brand new Rhythm Basics Resource/Workbook Download!

The Rhythm Basics Workbook shows how you can introduce and teach basic rhythm to your  music students.  In the book, I compare the beat to oranges on an assembly line.  Students have done well with this analogy in my class and I like to bring a few real oranges to my class and I cut the oranges into pieces to show students how the beat can be divided when we get to eighth notes or sixteenth notes.  I use a sharpie to write the beats on the orange... 1   +  ...then I cut the orange and show the 2 halves of the beat.

This workbook includes work pages for students and also some group learning activities with a total of 13 pages including the cover.  Students learn about the difference between beat and rhythm, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes and corresponding rests and also eighth notes.  Students also learn basics about measures and time signatures.  You can download a copy of this book and make as many copies as needed for your students at my store: HERE.

You may also be interested my my note-reading book.  You can read more about that resource HERE.

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