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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Must have FREE PRINTABLE for your school string orchestra!

I have students coming into my beginning orchestra class with different skills levels.  Some students are brand new beginners and some students have had about 1/2 year of training already.  One way I like to keep every student engaged at the start of the year is to use music with an easy part for the true beginners and a harder part to challenge the more advanced players.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a tune that works great for this.  Beginners play the basic melody or a harmony part that I teach them.  The more advanced beginners play a version that I call "Twinkle Extreme."  It all sounds great together and students love it!

Here is the harmony part for Twinkle in the key of D:

D    D    F#   F#       G    G     F#---

E    E     D    D         A (on g string)   A    D----

F#   F#    E    E      D    D   A-----

F#    F#    E    E     D    D   A-----

D    D    F#   F#       G    G     F#---

E    E     D    D         A (on g string)   A    D----

Find a FREE download of Twinkle Extreme HERE!

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