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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Now available for download - Fiddle Tune for Beginners

Fiddle Tune for Beginners is an arrangement of a simple fiddle tune for string orchestra.  The arrangement includes parts for 3 different skill levels so that this can be used in a classroom with true beginners and more advanced beginning players.  Each part is only 8 measure long, but it can be repeated over and over as students try to play a different part each time.  I would use this for the first week of my beginning orchestra class.  Parts are included for violin, viola, cello, and bass.  There is also a score included.

In my orchestra class, I have some experienced players in my beginning class.  I teach the bass line to all students and I sometimes write out just the fingering or note names for the bass line if students are not yet reading notes.  The true beginners can then focus on a more simple part while others in the orchestra work on the harmony and melody.  I have found that my beginners enjoy this piece because they like the sound of all of the different parts happening at once.  It's a bit more satisfying for them to hear themselves on this piece than the typical 'Mary Had A Little Lamb.'

I have found that beginning students thrive when they are able to hear more advanced parts to the music they are learning.  Students always desire to learn the more difficult part because they like how it sounds.  That makes students practice more and figure out the harder parts.  It keep the orchestra class moving quickly!

Fiddle Tune for Beginners is available for download HERE or HERE!

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