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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Orchestra Fun Printables!

Someday, this covid crisis will be over.  We'll be back in the classroom.  We'll be tired of the phrase 'tech tools' and 'blended learning.'  We'll want to just get back to teaching orchestra.  In person.  Connecting with students.  Making music the same room.  :)

I think students get tired of technology, too.  Don't get me is amazing.  There are many tech tools I enjoy using in my classroom and I love finding new things to try.  It's strange to think that a hand-written note can become so special and unique.  A few years ago I noticed one of my students having a rough day.  I wrote her a quick note to cheer her up and sent it to her in another class. It only took me a few moments... and I didn't realize how much it meant to her until years later when she reminded me of that day and showed me that she had saved that little note.

This may seem old-fashioned in this digital world, but sometimes it's nice to have a tangible note.  I just created these printable pages to provide little fun details that will bring the orchestra experience up a notch for you and your students. Print on cardstock and/or colored paper to use in your classroom! Included in the packet at my TPT store

Well Played - fun way to give students a compliment and is something they will save for years!

Official Notice from your orchestra teacher - let your students know you recognize the amazing things they do.

Classroom Citation - great classroom management tool - helps students become accountable for their actions and preparation in rehearsals.

Get out of Playing Test Free - print these on cardstock and give them out for big rewards. This is a great incentive as an alternative to sweets.

Get out of Practice Free - print on cardstock to use as rewards or incentives.

Official License to ARCO - amplify the beginner experience with this license to use the bow. This makes student work extra hard to maintain a correct bow hold!

Stand Partner Chat - a simple activity to help stand partners get to know each other so they can work together more effectively.

Point Voucher - a fun incentive/reward.

Left Hand Check-list - use as an exit slip to help students self-assess and become accountable for left hand position.

Bowing Check-list - use as an exit slip to help students self-assess and become accountable for bow technique.

Today's Rehearsal Goal - students make a goals to encourage a more focused
and effective rehearsal.

1 2 3, GO - a simple exit slip to help students reflect on their learning and ask questions.

Exit Slip - a student self-assessment for the end of a rehearsal.

Exit Survey - a fast way for students to assess their progress on string technique.

I've Got This Rhythm - students write the hardest rhythm from the rehearsal. Great feedback to help differentiate instruction to the needs of the students.

Exit - an exit slip to assess student's feelings regarding a rehearsal.

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