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Friday, July 17, 2020

YouTube is an AMAZING educational tool


I have been playing around with tech that I can implement in my classroom this year...especially with unknowns surrounding the pandemic.  Did you know you can use a YouTube video in an online platform called Playposit - where you can place questions in a video to make sure students are watching and learning the material?  It's pretty cool.  You just choose where you want the video to stop and make the question.  It can be multiple choice, fill in the blank, comment box, etc.  Students can't continue the video until the question is answered.  Playposit collects the data - so it can be worth points and go on a students grade.

I was watching a funny YouTube video with some funny babies and thought it would be a hilarious way to teach some orchestra rules.  I didn't make test questions, but used the comment feature to stop the video to let students know the rule that goes with each clip.  Not sure if I'll use it in my class or not...but I think there are many awesome possibilities with PlayPosit.  

Here's a link to my Playposit activity:


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