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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Group Bow Game - Passing the cups

Here is another bow game idea that works great for a class or group.  Ideally, arrange the seats so that the students are sitting in a circle.  (You could always just have them stand while doing this game.)  Turn on some music and have students pass the cup around the circle using the tips of their bows.  The rules are that the person with the cup only passes it when the next person is demonstrating a perfect bow hold.  For large groups, I use lots of cups at once so that there won't be a long wait between turns.  Students like doing this  - especially when there are lots of cups they are trying to pass around.  You can turn it into a race by dividing the class into 2 groups.  Sometimes, I add a little prize and mark a few of the cups with a little dot on the inside.  When I turn off the music, the students who have the marked cups get to pick a little treat.

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