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Monday, August 18, 2014

How I Am Using "Be An Amazing Note-Reader" in my orchestra class

School is just about to start for me and I have been busy getting my classroom ready and making copies of things I will need for the first few weeks of school.  I like to use my workbook, "Be An Amazing Note-Reader" right when school starts.  The worksheets begin at a basic level and students can immediately begin working on learning their notes.

Last year, I made a copy of the workbook for each student.  It became a bit frustrating when students would lose their books, so this year I am making separate copies of the worksheets and to make grading faster and easier, I am printing a GradeCam score sheet on the back of each worksheet.

I will have students quickly correct their own work and fill in the GradeCam score sheet.  Then I just have to hold up each worksheet to my camera on my ipad or computer and GradeCam will input all of the scores for me instantly.

These worksheets provide students with something beneficial to do while I am busy assigning instruments, lockers, etc.

Available for download at

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