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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Orchestra Olympics

The band teacher approached me with an idea to hold a music Olympics for the next couple of weeks.  We brainstormed some events and came up with this list:

Individual Events:
Scale Trail Challenge - write out scales correctly/quickly given the starting note
Sight-reading Showdown - best sight-reader
The Long Note - longest held note
Rhythm Write-Ups - rhythmic dictation
Note Naming Race - use ipads for this...or a worksheet would be easier in the classroom setting.
Speed Playing - fastest performance
Perfect Playing Position - all can demo good playing position - this one can get kids involved who aren't that great at anything else.
Ear Tunes - best one at playing a song by ear using balloon as instrument - students blow up balloon and create the pitch by pulling the opening...this one will be pretty funny and will put band and orchestra students on the same 'instrument.'
Fierce Focus - best at performance amidst intense distractions
Team Events;:
Interpretive Performance - solo played by group
Syncronized Sound-off - 2 person unison playing
Intonation Freeze - group plays scale, freeze on note, check with tuner
Speedy Set-up - another one for kids who aren't as good at other stuff...see who can get their stuff ready the fastest
Rhythm Round-Up - best group at performing/reading rhythms (they can do it one at a time or as a group)

We are playing these games with each of our individual classes.  We are then planning on taking the winners from each event in each class and having them compete against each other.  For prizes, we are going to use a gold dollar coin for the gold medal, a quarter for the silver, and a penny for the bronze.  So far, students are excited about the Olympics and they are doing a great job on the various events.