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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Orchestra Rehearsal Re-Focused

Coming back to school after spring never know exactly how that first rehearsal will go.  I always hope my students have practiced a little bit during their one week of freedom, but I understand that some families have busy vacations and practicing doesn't usually happen.  Over the break I began thinking of policies and expectations that I should review with my classes.  I created this orchestra survey for students to determine their own level of work ethic.  It went amazingly well.  I didn't have to harp on them for not doing this or that....they filled out their own survey and we talked about 'what if.'  What if every student in class stopped right when I stopped...what if every student prepared difficult passages at home...etc.  It really got them thinking and it helped remind them of my expectations.  The rehearsal went great and students were sensing their's amazing how much more work can be done when students are truly attentive and focusing.

Download this for FREE at the TPT site: Orchestra Classroom