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Monday, September 7, 2020 digital supplies available at!


I've been selling digital resources for the last few years on my website at and my Teachers Pay Teachers site:   

Digital resouces are super cost effective because you get to keep the PDF file and copy the resource as many times as needed for your own group.  For example, I use the resource 'Be An Amazing Note-reader' every year for my beginners.  I get it printed at my district - a copy for every student.  For one very small fee of buying the PDF file, I get to copy and use the resource every year.  This is WAY cheaper than havig to buy books for students every year.  (Quick copyright note:  these resources should not be posted on a public on canvas or google classroom all you want...just not publicly.)

Some teachers and school districts are not able to purchase my resources due to purchase order restrictions.  Now it is even easier and more convenient to buy materials because many of my products are now listed at!  You can find me at this link:

JW Pepper doesn't have previews of the resources up, yet.  You can always preview materials at the TPT store...then purchase at JW Pepper.  If you see something at TPT that is not at Pepper, let me know and I can see if we can add it.  

I hope this will help more teachers access my resources and use them to help their students succeed...and save money in the process!