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Friday, August 11, 2023

Instrument Care Online Quiz


I went back to school this week and have been busy getting ready for students to come back next week. Before I begin handing out school instruments to my students, I want to make sure they understand how to properly care for them.  I made a video I will be sending to parents to watch with their students about how to care for large instruments at home.  I'll also have students do this online instrument care quiz.  If you would like to to use it, go ahead!  It's free!

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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Note Reading for beginning orchestra

I am big on teaching note reading and I have students do a TON of worksheets, games, and assessments to make sure they are fluent at rhythm/notes.  I use a variety of worksheets so they're not the same old boring style all the time.  My students don't complain about practicing note reading. It can be fun! 

This new crossword activity is available HERE.


Also, check out my new note reading compilation of creative worksheets and assessments!  This is exactly what I use for my beginners through the first year...along with 'Be An Amazing Note Reader' (which we complete quite early on).