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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Orchestra Stars the GAME!


I've been away from my students for a few days while I attended a conference.  Since I don't really know what (or how) they've been playing while I was away, I want to do an activity to reinforce good behavior and good practice.

I just designed this game called ORCHESTRA STARS.  In this game, the 'heart' icons are lives and students lose them if they are plucking or playing out of turn. It's a fun way to reinforce proper rehearsal protocols if you have students who ever play when they are not supposed to... :) Students earn bonus points (stars) for playing with proper posture and with quality intonation. 


FREE for a limited time!  Simply use the template to fill in your own warm-ups, method book lines, or measure numbers from your concert music. Students play the assigned music for each round 3 times. They earn one star for each time they play correctly. Student with the most stars wins!  Games like this really help students stay focused during rehearsals.