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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Tech Hacks for Orchestra Teachers


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Have you always wanted to create your own awesome orchestra resources for your students?  I can show you how using Google Slides!  No add-ons, no expensive programs or software required.  (Though I will demonstrate options using (free at first, $35 subscription for a year) and Flat for Education (free trial, then $2 per year).  

This course will give you ideas, know-how, and inspiration to create meaningful, relevant classroom materials for your students.  There are 6 segments in the course, each with an project where you will create your own resource:

1: Basic Settings to turn Slides into a powerful publishing tool
2: Make your own fingerboard worksheet
3: Create your own note-naming worksheet
4: Create your own rhythm assessment
5: Create your own sight reading or note assessment
6: Create your own custom practice assignment


Along the way, I will show you tips and hacks for creating professional-looking content in an efficient manner.

You will also receive FREE TEMPLATES to use as ideas or for building blocks in your own creations.

Only 15 spots open for this first class!  Reserve your space today!  This class is LIVE over Zoom. 

March 11, 8 am MST

Monday, February 13, 2023

Beginning Orchestra Valentines Note Reading Game


I know this is last minute...but here's a fun activity for Valentines Day for your beginning orchestra!  All you need is a set of 2 dice for every 2 people and some small conversation candy hearts (or other small candy..I'm using smarties).  

Access your free template HERE - Canva editable document

PDF download HERE

Friday, February 3, 2023

Fingerboard Geography Teaching Aid - Free!


If you teach in a classroom that has access to a smartboard or projector, here is a free tool for you!  I use this type of visual all the time in my orchestra classes.  I incorporate these slides into my daily lesson plan for students to practice various finger patterns. 

Simply drag and drop the notes/fingerings to the fingerboard.  Use as a teaching tool in your own presentations by screen snipping the graphic or copy/paste into your own google slide.   You can also use a copy of these slides as a template for online student worksheets.  For example, share a slide with students and have them drag and drop the notes for the D major scale.

Get yours FREE HERE!