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Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Power of Music

December is a busy, busy time!  My concert for all of my classes are next week.  I have to do 3 separate concerts in one night because there are not enough seats in the high school auditorium to accommodate all of my students and families.  This year my Beginners will have their own concert and will not be combining with any other grades.  That means they will have to fill the entire concert.  We have 4 pieces learned:  A Christmas March - Meyer, A Chanukah Festival - O'Reilly, Sleigh Ride in the Park - Thomas, and What Child is This - Monday.  That should take about 10 minutes....which is not enough time!  I need to stretch out this concert to at least 25

I've been teaching my beginners about the power of music by sharing stories with them about the positive effect music has on people's lives.  There are a number of great YouTube clips with touching stories:

Students have really responded well to these videos.  I want to instill in my students that music is powerful.  That music can change their lives for the better.  That they can serve others with their musical gifts.  To help students reflect on what orchestra is doing for them personally, they completed this quick survey:

 It was so interesting to read their responses.  I compiled many of their responses into a video which I will show at their concert.  I hope it will leave the message that music is important in the lives of our children.  A little music advocacy at the concert seems like it will benefit everyone.  :)    (In my original video I have pictures of my students rehearsing and I include full student names.. I edited out pictures and last names for student privacy.) 

Still, I might need to do another activity to take a little more I'm developing a little mini-game to play called, "Are You Smarter Than An Orchestra Beginner?"  I'm thinking it would be fun to have an audience member come and try some of our beginner skills.