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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Effective Assessments for Beginning Orchestra


It's been awhile since I've posted because of all the natural busy things in life...but mostly because I switched schools.  I got to open up a new school and there was a lot to do!  Ordering supplies, instruments, setting up my new classroom, etc.  It's been fun and refreshing to work in a new place with equipment that works and technology that is up to date!  I miss my students from my previous program, so the change is bittersweet...but a change was needed and I enjoy a challenge.  My current program is  smallish compared to what I'm used to and there's room for growth.  I look forward to establishing a strong community of string players.  

My teaching load currently consists of 5 classes of beginners.  I love teaching beginners...but it's not easy.  There so much to learn - especially during the first few months.  Helping students master note reading and rhythm is a high priority for me.  I'm using a new method book and have been making a lot of resources to supplement student learning and check for understanding.  One of my goals is to do more assessments with students as a way to ensure student learning and provide a way for me to reach students who are struggling.  I just put a set of my assessments (21 pages!) from term 1 on my TPT page for FREE!   Hopefully they will be useful to someone out there.