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Friday, June 14, 2013

Beginning Orchestra Note Reading Book - hot off the press!

You may purchase this 43 page resource at my store:

This is my latest creation....a workbook for beginning orchestra students to help with note reading.  I have found that some students come to class with some piano experience and they already understand music notation.  There are also students who have had no experience with music notation and they often struggle to keep up.  Some students play by ear and never learn to read notes!  Students who are good at reading notes have a definite advantage in orchestra class.   I am hoping that these worksheets will help students who have had no previous experience and help them understand note reading and basic theory.  These worksheet do not replace teaching the concepts first, but I plan to use them as a tool to assess student understanding and give them practice at note-reading. 

A great time to use worksheets like this is the first week of school...before students bring their instruments to class.  It takes a lot of time to assign lockers, folders, renting instruments, etc...and these worksheets are basic enough that the students can begin learning notation right away.  Once students have their instruments, it is very helpful to teach the class in sections.  For example, violins can work on a page in the workbook while you teach the cellists how to hold their instrument and adjust their endpins.  Then the cello players work on the  notebook while you teach violins and viola correct left hand position for their instruments.

This 43 page workbook is now available for download here or here.  After purchasing the download, you may print the workbook as many times are you need for your entire class and you will be able to use it every year.  No need to buy separate theory books every year when you can just print this workbook!


  1. Is it strings - specific (violin/viola/cello/bass)?

    1. Yes. It is strings specific for violin, viola, cello and bass.

  2. I just purchased it this morning - It hasn't arrived in my email yet - hoping it will get here today, I'd love to start tomorrow!

  3. Do you purchase each instrument separately at $18 or all 4 for $18