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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Do You Do The First Week Of School?

I recently was asked what I do during the first week of school...this is my response:

Well, the whole first day is going over my orchestra handbook/dislosure...I also like to do a little getting to know you sort of game and I have kids fill out a little questionnaire as they come in for bell work so I can get to know them and find out what music they want to learn.  The next 2 days are taken up with instrument rentals for cello and bass, locker assignments, folder assignments.   Students will work on my note reading workbook while I make the assignments.  The next day we will continue with note reading and perhaps start rhythm...and show a PowerPoint I just created about instrument care...(I put it on my classroom website).   I also like students to start bringing their instruments so I can put tapes on them.        On day 5 we will start to play...learn bow hold and bow exercises first...then how to hold instrument...we practice that in steps over and over...then names and notes of open strings....making good tone with bow speed, bow weight, bow placement.....and echoing rhythms on open strings.

Students are always so anxious to start playing...I try to get through the classroom business as quickly as possible.   I love teaching beginners because they are so excited about everything they learn and I love to see the progress a beginner can make in just a year.

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