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Monday, March 13, 2017

Favorite Pieces for String Orchestra

I have a weakness for buying new music.  I normally try not to do the same pieces every year, but I have a few favorites that appear in my concerts more often.  Here's a list of string orchestra pieces I particularly like because they are fun to teach and fun to play:

Pepperoni Pizza Rock by Brian Balmages
Fiddles on Fire by Mark Williams
Dragon Hunter by Richard Meyer
Appalachian Hymn by Soon Hee Newbold
Afterburn by Brian Balmages
Bushwhacker Stomp by Keith Sharp
Electric Sinfonia by Lauren Bernofsky

American Princess by Bob Phillips
Impact by Bob Phillips
The Code by Alan Silva
Agincourt by Doug Spata
Mantras by Richard Meyer
Spartacus by Brian Balmages
For the Star of County Down by Deborah Baker Monday

Carpe Diem! by Richard Meyer
To Tame the Raging Rapids by Brian Balmages
Fantasia on an Original Theme by Joseph Phillips
Fire Dance by Soon Hee Newbold
Flight by Susan Day
American Reel by Kurt Mosier
Snake River Stomp by Steve Laven

1 comment:

  1. Some of these pieces you note are among my favorites too. You can't go wrong with Richard Meyer, Mark Williams, or Soon Hee Newbold. Newbold's "Iditarod" is a big favorite for my older groups too.