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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

How to motivate and inspire your students to work hard and rehearse as a team

Several years ago I was asked to speak to a group of youth about what I do in my profession as a teacher.  I told the group that my job is to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE students.  Yes we make music, we learn instruments, but at the core of those things is inspiring students to try new things, work to achieve their goals, and to discover their potential.  This affects the way I run my classroom.  It creates the climate of my rehearsals.  I believe the first lessons of the school year can do a great deal to set the tone of your orchestra.  Lessons that motivate and inspire help students buy-in to your program.  They can help students commit to work harder in rehearsals and make the decision to practice outside of class.

I work hard to motivate and inspire my students throughout the year as needed, but I developed 5 lessons for the beginning of the year that help ensembles start off with increased motivation, goals, discipline, and teamwork.  These lessons are close to my heart...because I believe students NEED to know this stuff.  They need someone to teach them how to discover the greatness that in inherent in their natures.

These 5 lessons can be used all at once or broken up into a series of mini-lessons to be used over the course of a term or a school year.  You can preview and purchase them now at my TPT store

This is a 26 page resource full of inspiration with assignments and links to my favorite YouTube videos.  Great for any age and any group that needs a jump start. 

Happy teaching, my friends.  The work we do is important. 



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