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Monday, August 5, 2019

Don't Lose Your Cool - Orchestra Edition - FRIDAY FUN DAY

Have you seen this game?  It was on clearance for $5 at Target, so I got one and thought it might be a hilarious game to play in orchestra.  You strap the crazy looking head piece to your head and it calibrates to your heart rate.  Then, people are supposed to do crazy things to make you lose your cool.  The headpiece monitors your levels and an alarm goes off if you don't stay calm. 

I've been experimenting with it at home with my daughter (she plays cello but I wanted her to feel the stress of playing an instrument she doesn't know, so here she is on violin).  This would be a funny way to lighten up the mood on playing test day...see if a student can play for the class without losing their cool.  I think this game is also a good way to help students be brave, focus, and perform in front of others.  If they lose their cool, it's's just a game.  Students could try to play a difficult passage without losing their cool, or play a passage without getting distracted by others.   I think this game would help students practice focusing and staying calm in a classroom full of distractions.  Perfect for a future FRIDAY FUN DAY!  I think I might just go pick up a few more of these....

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