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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Focus during rehearsals

Rehearsals are hard work.  At least they should be!  I think students sometimes get too comfortable with the predictable routine of rehearing and may start to become distracted and work less effectively.  In rehearsal we have to repeat and drill music daily to reinforce skills.  It can be difficult to get students to maintain their highest levels of focus and skill building.  Minds are prone to wander. 

I decided to make a self-assessment regarding levels of focus to hang in my classroom.  I explained the levels of focus to my students and they used the posters to evaluate their productivity in class.  Students easily understood that a 'Level 4' focus would be best for individuals and would most benefit the entire class.  All students want to do well...and developing a habit of focused rehearsal skills is an important part of progressing.

Over the last couple weeks I've referred to my posters when I need more focused effort in my rehearsals.  It's helped snap our work back into place.  It's also a great tool to direct individual students to step it up!  Sometimes I just say a student's name and point to a poster and they get the hint.  :)

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