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Friday, May 1, 2020

Online learning fun - no stress!

Before the term ends, I want to give students the opportunity to rack up as many points as they can.  Since online learning began, I've had quite a few students who accumulated missing assignments.  Students often feel very overwhelmed when they realize they have a list of 10+ assignments that have to all be made up.  I don't want my class to feel burdensome in any way!  Music should be fun and inspiring and uplifting!  To help all students get caught it in a more relaxed/fun way, I created this 'PUMP UP YOUR POINTS' assignment.  Hopefully students will enjoy choosing their own activities and making music.

Here's a link to the google may use and edit this assignment.

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  1. I just sent this assignment to my students with this email:


    Do you have missing assignments? Were you wishing for a way to get a ton of extra credit in orchestra? Would you love to do FUN musical activities that pay in points and personal satisfaction? Look no further than CANVAS! Just posted...a fun, easy way to rack up as many points as you need to end this term right. Missing assignments? Low scores? Don't worry! This will take care of all of your point shortages!

    Disclaimer: This works for orchestra only. Points not transferable to other classes or other students. May cause fun and contagious smiles. Some studies suggest this activity may significantly decrease symptoms of boredom, tv addictions, and yawning.


    Mrs. Harman