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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Listening Test for Beginning String Orchestra Students


Intonation.  The life-long pursuit.  People make jokes about how bad beginner orchestras sound.  I am a firm believer in teaching about intonation/adjusting right from the start!  Many people who come to my concerts tell me they can't believe my students are beginners. 

Sometimes students come and practice in my classroom in the mornings while I am getting ready for the day.  It's hard to listen to students practice without chiming in with 'fix that note!  higher 2! etc.'  I believe students need to be taught how to listen.  It's a common problem to play out of tune simply because of a lack of awareness.  Students get so focused on notes, they forget to listen for how the music is supposed to sound.  

I just created a LISTENING TEST activity for students to listen to some common tunes to see if they can 1. recognize the tune, 2. decipher and decide what 'in tune' sounds like.   I believe this will help students practice the art of listening and help them remember to listen more intently as they play their instruments.

This resource is FREE to use!  Find it HERE

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