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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Teaching students how to tune


I've re-vamped all my lessons about teaching students how to tune.  I wanted to use NearPod and make the experience more interactive.  I made 3 lessons using google slides and incorporated them into NearPod with websites for students to explore, games to practice adjusting pitch, and quizzes to check for understanding.  

I think it's important to establish some pre-tuning skills before students actually get to tune their own instruments.  These skills include understanding what 'in-tune' and 'out of tune' means, how to adjust pitch, and how to use pegs/fine tuners.  Here are snapshots of the lessons I can use them at Nearpod:

Lesson 1:  Exploring Pitch:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!  It's at    It's GREAT practice for studetnts to learn to adjust pitch to be 'in-tune.'  Students enjoyed practicing using this game. 

Lesson 2:  Pegs and Fine Tuners:

Lesson 3:  Rules of tuning:   (the videos don't work in this lesson...I don't use them.  It was created in google slides...and I didn't really need the videos when I presented this to my class.  Videos can be cut out and replaced with pictures.)

After lesson 3 I help students tune themselves for the first time using my tuning procedure. It worked great - and no broken strings!


  1. Angela, Bravo! You have such creative ideas! I took a look at them on Nearpod, but none of the links on lesson 1 worked. It won't let me edit the slides either. Any idea why?

    1. Hm..maybe I have to give edit permissions in nearpod? I'll check. Not sure why the links aren't working in lesson 1 for you..they worked for me. Maybe your district has those websites blocked?