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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Progress and practice tracker

 One thing I want to do better is help students develop a practice plan by teaching them what and how to practice.  Also, I believe it is important to teach students how to be reflective as they practice to achieve specific learning targets.

Earlier this week, I discovered it was possible to create drop-down menus in google sheets and in tables in google docs.  I think it's so cool!  There are many ways to used the drop-down menu feature in a classroom.  If I had smaller classes, I might use a google sheet or doc to track each student as they progress through various skills.  Since each of my classes have about 60 students and I am the only teacher, I have to find strategies that are efficient.  Tracking is important, but so hard to do because of how much time it can take!  To make this manageable, I need students to take on the ownership of tracking their skills and practice time.  

At the beginning of the year there isn't always much for beginners to practice at home, yet they are so excited to start!  I need to be better about making practice expectations clear and teaching students what and how they should practice at home.  (I don't grade on practicing...but that's a whole different article).  I believe this Student Progress Tracker will help me communicate with students/parents what needs to be practiced and mastered each week.  

I listed 'I CAN' statements for the week at the top and used drop-down menus for students to assess their current skill level in each area. That way students will have an idea of what needs their attention during practice time.  

I've always wanted to give my beginners a practice routine goes really well on this tracker.  I think it will really help beginners establish better practicing habits from the start of the year.  I also provided links to resources to help students practice specific skills.  That way students will have resources to help them learn outside of class.

At the bottom of the tracker, students reflect and makes practice goals and can type a note to me if they need help or have questions.  This will be a good way to me to 'check-in' with more students as they are working through the learning process.

Free Template HERE

At my school, we use Canvas for our LMS.  I will create an assignment where each student gets their own copy of the tracker in their google drive.  Students can access their document and update it throughout the week.  Rehearsal time is valuable so I have to be careful with chromebooks because of the amount of time it takes for all students to log on.  I am thinking of giving time 2x per week in class for students to access, review, and update their trackers:  Mondays and Fridays.  Each week there will be a new tracker for them to follow along for practicing at home and reflecting on their goals.

I was toying with the idea of using drop-down menus for playing test assessments, but I've decided it would take WAY too much time to review and grade individual digital files for 340 students.  I found way I can assess students efficiently that will also be quick and easy to grade.  Stay tuned...I'll post about to quickly and efficiently assess students more often.

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