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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Orchestra Rehearsal the GAME activity


It's fun making interactive games using Google Slides! I just made a new one called 'Orchestra Rehearsal: The GAME.  It's designed as a retro video game because I wanted to use the idea the 'hearts' as lives in the game...just like old Super Mario and Zelda games.  Students have to beat the game by 'defeating' bad position, poor tone, and mastering tricky measures from our music.  Because this was made with google slides, it is really easy to make changes and adjust the slides to work with any music we are rehearsing.  I opted to use note names, but it would also be really easy to use the Music Snippet add-on to insert music notation.

To play the game, the teacher clicks through the slides as indicated on the screen.  The teacher judges whether the students 'lose a life' or not...and can take away lives by simply clicking on the hearts on the screen.

This is a great game to use any time...and especially Valentines because you can challenge student so not lose their hearts!

Check out a preview HERE.

Available on TPT!

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  1. Thank you so much, Angela! I made some adjustments and used it with 8th graders this morning. They LOVED it!