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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

INTRODUCING...My latest original piece written for beginning string orchestra - CASTLE RISING

Beginners love to play in minor keys, so I wrote this piece in the very playable key of e minor.  This is a piece students will love to practice and every instrument has a fun part.  You can purcase the download of this music for your class - 18 pages total and it includes an 8 page score, and parts for 1 Violin, II Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass.  Right now, I am offering this sheet music download for only $8.00 at my STORE (for a limited time)!  This is a very economical way to get some music for your orchestra...and you can just print parts - you never have to worry about losing originals.

Check it out!  And I would love to hear feedback.  If you would like to hear a recording, please email me at:  I will send you free midi file so you can hear what this piece sounds like. (I can't figure out how to attach the recording to a blog post.)


  1. Your piece looks great! E minor is perfect for beginning orchestra. I don't think you can attach an audio file to blogger (you used to be able to....), but if you put your file in the cloud (maybe Dropbox), you could put up a link in your blog post.