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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

FUN IDEA for your Beginning String Orchestra! Teach proper position.

Wanna be a cool orchestra teacher?  Try this idea with your beginners!

I've been listening to the song 'Keep Your Head Up' and I love it!  Perfect for bow exercises...but it got me thinking...  If I could change the words a little - especially in the chorus - it would be perfect to use to teach proper instrument position.  So I changed the words to the song:

I plan on having my orchestra learn the words (at least to the chorus) and sing them while we are setting our left hand positions.  I purchased the karaoke version of the song on iTunes and students can sing along.

But here's another awesome thing you can do...

Buy the Karaoke version and the regular version of "Keep Your Head Up" by Andy Grammer, then get the free app: ANYTUNE.  Select the music in the app and transpose the music UP 2 half steps by clicking on the sharp sign (lower right side) 2 times.

Now you can use this tune for students to practice the D string notes!  I created this sheet music for students to play along with the transposed version of the song.  Playing along with this familiar song will help students tune their notes and stay together as a group.  Plus it's super fun!

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