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Monday, January 20, 2020

I know you're desperately looking for sub plan for your string orchestra classroom. Here you go. You're welcome.

Are you desperately searching for an easy sub plan for your string orchestra classroom?  Here you go.  It's free.  It's editable.  It's easy.  You're welcome.  Now enjoy your day off!


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  1. “The Music Lesson”, a free YouTube channel is such a resource.

    “The Music Lesson” is created by Michael Emenau the bestselling online UDEMY course “Play Music by Ear - From Beginner to Fluency” and the award winning children's music education /ear training APP "EASY MUSIC” ( “iTunes Editor’s Choice “Best New APP” (iTunes/App Store Worldwide) are fun lessons that really stick with the learners.

    Here is a sampling of lessons:

    Major Vs Minor - Happy Vs Sad - Why?

    Find and Name the notes (Do Re Mi or A B C)

    Ear training fundamentals #1 - high and Low

    I hope this helps! Have a great day.