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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A break from the norm - send me your best work!


Recently I saw this video on YouTube where Rob Landes hires violinists from to play a portion of one of the hardest pieces to play:

This video really got me thinking.  These musicians are getting paid for sending something that looks a lot like a playing test.  Because someone is hiring them to perform, they prepare well, they practice, and they submit their highest quality playing.  They must be in tune with accurate rhythm.  It takes a lot of preparation and responsibility.  My students send me playing tests in much the same way...but sometimes could use a little more preparation and a little more responsibility..  What if they thought of their playing test as a 'hired' performance?  Would they practice more, prepare more carefully, and send me higher quality work?

Instead of doing a regular playing test this week, my students are creating a fake 'FIVER' account and will be sending me a video sample of their best work to highlight their strengths.  Their job is to make ME want to hire them.  All students are important to our ensemble. We should practice and prepare as if we have been hired to do a great job.

First of the week:  To begin the assignment, I had students answer a few questions:  1.  What are your strengths as a player?  2. What strengths would you like to highlight in your Fiver audition video?  3.  What piece will you play to demonstrate your strengths?

Mid-week: students sent me a short sample of their piece by recording a video on FlipGrid.  Students then watched their own videos to tell me what they need to work on before recording their final video.  This allows students to reflect on their own playing.  I was just watching these videos and I'm so inspired by my students.  I love that they are sending me playing samples that demonstrate their strengths.  They sound confident and proud.  I'm impressed with their progress and enjoy hearing their piece selections.  Every student gets to be successful because they get to play music at their own they like...something they're good at.  

End of the week: Students recorded their final audition/profile video using Canvas.  Their videos showcased their strengths as a musician.  These are fun to grade.  I'm realizing just how far students have come since we began the year.   I have some fake music money...and I'm planning on passing out money to officially 'hire' my students to play in my class. :)

I think it's cool you can hire musicians on Fiver.  I may hire someone to write an arrangement for my orchestra to play.  My students are dying to play some meme music and I don't have time to write arrangements.

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