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Monday, March 1, 2021

Note to Fingerboard Matching Activity


I've spent the last few month exploring all kinds of ways to use technology in my orchestra class.  This year I have been almost paperless and I love not having to grade piles and piles of papers.  I've moved many of my resources and curriculum online and students access everything through Canvas.  A few months ago I posted some online worksheets made with google slides where students drag and drop notes to the correct place on the fingerboard.  I received a request to make a version that showed the notes on the staff.  So, here it is!  Students open the file in google but do NOT run as a slide show.  Students grab the notes and drop them on the correct tapes.  This version does not have every possible note...only the notes my beginners have learned so far.  This kind of worksheet works great in Canvas as a 'google cloud' assignment.  This is where each student gets their own copy of the slide show where they can edit and turn it in.

Access your own copy HERE.


  1. Wonderful, thank you, Angela!!

  2. Thank you Angela for taking the time to use your ability to work this type of activity out! This is a great idea for my beginners as well as my Intermediate and Advanced players (for a check on recognition etc.). I thank you for all of your efforts to help your kids and now mine!