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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A lesson about practicing correctly - and eating junk-food

Can you spot what is terribly wrong with this picture?  :)

I am always working very carefully with my beginning classes to ensure that they develop good habits.  It is so hard to fix bad bow holds and pancake hands later on!  I have a private student one time that always played with a pancake hand.  Every week I coached her and did everything I could to keep her wrist straight using every game and gimic I could think of.  By the end of each lesson, my student would start keeping her wrist straight.  However, that practice was never reinforced once she got home and I was never able to completely fix her position.

I firmly believe that students must learn position correctly right from the beginning and I am very strict with my student's position.  I am constantly checkin and fixing through every class period.

This video is my latest asset to help students understand the importance of learning things right the first time.  I love showing them this video because it's funny and  because they really remember the message behind it.  The video is of a guy who is working out at the gym while eating junk food.  I tell students that practicing while holding their instrument or bow incorrectly is like working out and eating junk does no good at all!

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